From 1 May 2020, citizens of the Czech Republic, Poland, South Korea, Germany, Austria and Slovakia will be allowed to enter Hungary for business purposes, and Hungarian citizens traveling to these countries for business purposes will be exempted from the rules of medical examination and home quarantine upon arrival.

As we wrote previously, from 2 April 2020, only a Hungarian citizen or an EEA citizen entitled to permanent residence in Hungary may enter the territory of Hungary, with the exception of narrowly defined persons. As of May 1, 2020, the scope of these exceptions has been further expanded: citizens of the above six countries can now enter Hungary for the purpose of business travel between affiliated companies.

It is therefore a condition that there be a business company in Hungary and in one of the above countries, which qualify as affiliated companies according to the Corporate Tax Act. The most typical cases of this are when one company has a majority influence (directly or indirectly) in the other, or when the same person has a majority influence in both companies, but also when the foreign enterprise has a Hungarian branch office, and the case when one company has a decisive influence over the other concerning the business and financial policy, which is due to the overlapping of the management.

Thus, if there is a Hungarian company with an affiliated company operating in the above countries, the citizens of the above countries may cross the border in case of business travel between the two companies. In this article, we dealt with the fact that founding a company can be done from home, i.e. you do not have to cross a border. So, for the sake of example, a Czech company can set up a subsidiary remotely, the operation of which can already be personally supervised by the Czech management. The fact of a business trip at the border must be rendered likely by the entrant.

Hungarian citizens who have made a business visit to one of the above-mentioned countries and are employees or managers of either a Hungarian or a foreign affiliate, may return to Hungary without applying the rules of medical examination and home quarantine.